Last minute date?
Meeting or special event?
No time or money for a
manicure and pedicure?


Discover the new and EZ way to make your feet
and hands look amazing in a matter of seconds!

It doesn’t get any easier than this:

  • Beautiful, consistent, glossy nail tips
  • Self adhesive (no need to add glues or chemicals)
  • Safe to use, even for kids!
  • Apply nail tips in seconds anywhere you go
  • Save time (no need for lenghthy appointments at a nail salon)
  • The most affordable French manicure and pedicure ever
  • Replace damaged nail tips in a heartbeat
  • Nail tips are easy to apply, easy to remove!
  • Lasts weeks on toenails and up to 48 hours on fingernails
  • Available in a variety of nail tip colors

So what EXACTLY are EZ French Nail tips?

The Nail Tips – made out of high performance vinyl that has been cut into the shape of a nail tip (not your whole nail, just the tip) so when you apply them, it looks like you have just walked out of the salon with the French look. There are 168 different tips. They are made to match height, width and style of your very own nail.

Applicator – It looks like a regular click pen, but instead of an ink cartridge, it has a needle tip that is used to pick up the vinyl tips off of the page and onto your nail. The click feature makes the applicator safe and can be taken anywhere.   

The Booklet – When you order online you will get a booklet that we put together and bind especially for you. The inside of the front cover has detailed application instructions.

Custom Book – Send us your sizes using our nail guide and we will arrange the booklet starting with your thumb. This is your very own booklet with your very own sizes! Each page comes with 32 tips, and the back cover contains re-ordering and contact information.  Mini Books are also available to help out with the pocketbook!

Intro Book – great as a gift! This booklet contains the whole assortment of sizes and styles  (at least one pair). The last page is a tip guide that will enable you to find out what your sizes are.

Download your NAIL TIP GUIDE to find your perfect size today and start enjoying a beautiful French Manicure the EZ way. (When printing PDF, set page scaling to none for the most accurate measurement.)



French manicure chic

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EZ steps French manicure or pedicure

Beautiful French Nails in Seconds!

Prepare nails by filing and shaping as desired. Wipe clean with alcohol pad.
steps for French Manicure



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